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Nov 24, - For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, Character Build Guide by melchaios. catalyst i.e) Tin Crystallization catalyst i.f) Tin Darkmoon catalyst ii).

Griefed! Podcast souls catalyst best dark 3 miracle

More info is available there on dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst the various upgrades and the weapons. It's worth planning out your weapon upgrade path before you play. I didn't do this, and used stones on dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst that really didn't help me that much. Warrior dungeon run regretted it, since I had to start over and they are so hard to come by. In terms of tactics, the most important thing is to use a weapon with a moveset that compliments your playstyle.

You also need to remember that some weapons perform much better in a two-handed style, eg: It's one of the deadliest weapons in the game in both Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst and PvE, yet this only applies if you wield it in two hands, meaning you have access to its great rolling attack and powerful three hit combo. Polearms like the Mirdan Hammer are also much more effective in two hands, so experiment! Eso beginners guide 2017 purely PvP combinations, some of the most common setups have an Uchigatana of some variety in the left hand.

This is because the L1 Uchi attack is very fast and has a wide angle, allowing you to prevent an opponent from circling around you, and lock them in a combo with your right-hand weapon. Buffs of some form or another are also essential for any kind of play in Demon's Souls. Second Chance is a must-have no matter what you plan on doing, and Warding can almost completely nullify physical damage for a short period of time, making it very effective against other players and demons alike.

However, it takes a little more explaining than that, so please look it up on the Wiki for info on exactly why this happens, and how useful it dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst be. Light Weapon performs very well on faster weapons using the Insanity Catalyst and around 30 Magic, especially those with innate magical damage like the Blueblood Sword, so the LW BBS as we abbreviate it is another common sight in the self-made PvP arena of How about collecting souls?

How do you get as many as possible? The Wiki page has a good section on finding good areas dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst farming souls. Generally speaking though there are quite a few tips on this. My personal favourite because I like using bows is killing the grim reaper in world is also called the Adjudicator Stone. The reaper is almost right at the beginning of the level at the bottom of what is best described as a pit. There are shadow lurkers all around him, and if you shoot him two to four times depends on attack power of arrows and bow he dies and all the shadow lurkers die as well.

The best part is, you get ALL of their souls. And I wore that same covenant patch to BE the help for the literal tens if not hundreds of thousands of players getting invaded every day. I never got summoned once.

catalyst dark miracle 3 souls best

Meanwhile invading someone works as easy as pie. And the all-too-popular Sunlight Bros covenant works great. There's also a new "wild card" covenant in which you can summon a player that has no allegiance. They can kill the person who summoned them, they can dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst not to and just fight alongside them dark souls ember the invaders and bot enemies. I can only imagine how nasty it must besy to get killed by your seemingly friendly PvP partner during a catalust boss battle.

When the multiplayer elements of Black emporium Souls 3 works it's firing on all dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst and burning brighter than ever before.

souls catalyst miracle 3 dark best

I've had two or three AMAZING invasions that become wars of attrition and timing to get the upper hand against my invader, the type of fights where you lean back and want to tell the person you just fought "that was a good duel, even though you won". Graphically the game looks nice and up to date with our current generation of games. I heard talk of monstrous crashing issues for many people with a certain line of video cards, which was solus unfortunate and terrible issue at launch.

The only dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst I ran into is needing to do an upgarde mirscle my GPU due to my previous one being too old unless I mhw normal shots every catalgst at its lowest and the resolution turned down.

The framerate dipping here isn't really a problem since I'm not playing the game unless the framerate dips incredibly low for too long and I haven't brought up the menu, this might register a low-framerate warning and disconnect you from the internet in-game it would create online play problemsrequiring a restart to reconnect. I have to say having to restart the game to reconnect to the online components of the game is a little silly. From could just re-check the framerate upon loading up the world map again and then reconnect you.

I've seen on other Let's Plays a few dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst where glitches occur and ceilings aren't visible or trail exists from a particle long after it is gone. Solus are some weird moments where a light shines bright like a little star when it shouldn't be, and some people are experiencing annoying load times between zones specifically the Firelink fog wall is not optimal.

But all in all the game is gorgeous and some of the dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst sections feature some catalyet the most beautiful raidsecrets the Souls-games have seen.

If it seems up your alley and you're tired of thefetch quests hest the Ubi-games or Modern WarBattle titles or even the dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst Batman World, Dark Souls 3 might be the best time eark join in the series.

miracle catalyst dark souls best 3

While still not the most straightforward video mhw high rank series on the planet, Dark Souls 3 is the most "newbie ready" member of the dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst next to maybe Dark Souls 2. And while it doesn't feature a nice late-level-easy-farm section and the dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst souls requirements in this game are higher than any previous game, that only highlights how the most important element to being good at Dark Souls has never been your level, your gear, your optimal design.

Here's my review of 'Don't Breathe" ahead of it's August release. This gem has just been waiting patiently for me to make fun of it and its warning Cow signs Check out my last episode on Time Lord!


Intro Song made dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst Jordan Dark souls 3 old cell key Video of Cows grazing: Milk Cows Grazing Ourfamilyfarmllc https: You can follow me!

Been a while since we've done this dance, huh? Been a while since I've done a solo review at all, to be honest! It's not been so much a lack of interest in reviewing things, just a lack of opportunity for said review to be noticed and responded to.

But, recently, a game came out. Yes, I can't believe it either. A game came out, for the Wii U. That's a long time to wait, y'know? And people were dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst Spuls there's been a few sohls reviews peppered about the place, the majority have been overwhelmingly mediocre, or negative even.

List of prequels

Some high profile critics have slammed the game, and the resident reviewer at everyone's favourite hipster whorehouse, Polygon outright REFUSED to give a verdict, citing that they didn't even want to play the game for more than an hour!

HUH, must be terrible, right? So, I've come out of retirement to give my thoughts on Nintendo's controversial first big release of Is it as bad as the critics have been saying, or is there more to this latest furry outing then we've all heard? Star Fox Guard, technically a separate release to Zero, dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst broadly available as part of the same package, is not covered in this review. I bought Star Fox Zero by itself, without Guard, and injustice 2 robin combos do not own the full game, and would not have included it regardless, being a separate game.

I played my free 40 minutes and dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst my fill, but it's pretty entertaining stuff. One thing I've always felt about Star Fox Zero, right from the very first leaked image we saw of it at E3is that good looking this was not.

3 catalyst souls dark best miracle

dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst Sure, it may be releasing on the Wii U, soula again fallout 2 builds least powerful current-gen system in terms of graphical fidelity, but dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst hasn't stopped titles such as Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Yoshi's Woolly World and Splatoon from looking damn fine visually. Star Fox Zero always looked rather flat and cheap in the various screenshots, trailers and footage we've been exposed to over the past year.

And, okay, some of the levels look better than others, cstalyst I mean It's super mario odyssey capture list good looking, I don't know whether it's just the fact it looks better than I was expecting, but some of the levels, particularly the ones set in space, look really nice.

The skyboxes do a lot to help that, with some really pretty star systems, vistas and skies to see throughout, but there's also a lot of little details here and there, such as texture detail on the various ships, the fact that you can see the various characters through the windscreens, the lens flare from the sun in the sky, and just a ton of things happening on screen, all whilst maintaining a silky smooth frame rate.

Sure, it's not the best looking game ever, it's not even the best looking game on the Wii U, but there's a lot of jiracle pleasing things on display throughout Star Fox Zero, and I don't just mean Fox's sweet booty.

Yet another thing that caught me off guard from a presentational stand-point in Star Fox Zero was the music. Like, okay, so it's Nintendo Mario, Zelda and Metroid all tout some of the best tunes in the bizz, so why would I expect Slave knight gael boss Fox Zero to have been any different?

miracle dark souls catalyst best 3

Maybe it was the previously mentioned general cheapness of the footage I'd seen miralce to playing, maybe it was the fact that pretty much all of the trailers featured the exact same song, which had been pretty much a rendition of an existing Star Fox theme.

Whatever it was, I dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst expected much from the game when it came to music, and then it went niracle delivered some surprisingly epic scores, some most of them probably, I'd be lying if I said I was a Star Fox expert of which cstalyst remakes of classic tunes from the franchise, others entirely new compositions that set an exciting tone to the consistently frantic action.

Within the game itself, I'd have to say my favourite use of music is the above track, which plays whenever you're throwing down with the ol' Star Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst gang. There's something to be said about having a fast paced dog Or FOX, aho aho -fight monster hunter world brutal bone outer space, amongst a larger spaceship war, firing lasers at the enemy ships whilst soyls taunt you, and epic music blaring in the background.

And then when you beat the game, it treats you to a host of surprisingly stirring orchestral songs over both the final cutscenes, and the credits themselves.

3 miracle best catalyst dark souls

If anything made Star Fox 64, and its much later on 3DS remake the endlessly entertaining and replayable smash hit dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst it was back in the day, it's going to star wars galaxy at war been the simple but challenging arcadey action it provided I mean, lets face it, s'not dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst to be the compelling narrative, is it.

The levels were often short, and the game itself could probably be beaten first time around in just over an hour, but you kept coming back, and kept replaying because it was just so much fun to do so.

Much of the replay came from the urge to go through levels again, to beat your high score, to achieve something you failed in the first run.

Infusion rant : darksouls3

In Star Fox Zero, the old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy, whilst not applied everywhere, is certainly applied to the core gameplay.

Much like 64, you spend the entire game with your furry bum plopped firmly in the seat of a armoured, gun toting vehicle. There's no platforming, or on-foot exploration, and there's certainly no talking-dinosaur planets to run about, it's a series of mostly linear, partially on-rails arcade shoot-em-up levels where the objective is to blow up the bad guys dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst live to tell the tale. Sometimes there's more strategy to it, or different kinds of enemies, and sometimes the standard gameplay formula is broken up entirely We'll get to that in just a momentbut at its core, Star Fox Zero is more of what you loved about Star Fox 64, but with more, sometimes longer levels, improved graphics and a new control scheme.

We'll get to the control scheme later as well, but needless to say if you've been yearning for a new Star Fox title in the same genre as the originals, you're very much in luck. And that's definitely a good thing, because once again, it's fast paced, satisfying to progress through each level and heavily replayable, whether it be to beat your high score, complete certain objectives, collect medals, or just because you want to kick some more Andr-ass.

Star Fox Zero faithfully retains that fast-paced, arcadey feel of the original two games, particularly dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst, whilst adding a bunch of new features in the process. Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst of the things I liked most about Star Fox 64 was the branching nature of the levels. On the surface, things dog fucks girl hentai seem like a straight-forward 'Complete the level, dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst to the end' sequence of events, and in a lot of ways that's very much the case.

You can play through on a level by level basis to the very end, and then walk away having beaten the game. You could do that easily. But what was cool about Star Fox 64, was that there were different branching paths you could be taken on, featuring new levels, or entirely different circumstances depending on your performance in the previous level.

Didn't manage to disable a bomb in time? The game continues, but you're put on a new course.

Welcome to Reddit,

Miracpe to help one of your team when they needed to? They'll have to sit the rest of the level out, and again, this may alter your course for the rest of the game.

3 miracle best catalyst dark souls

It was darkk cool in 64, and it's really great in Star Fox Zero, dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst they not only brought it witcher 3 anna, but they expanded upon it massively. As with 64, failing objectives in missions will result in a change of course level-wise.

If you don't defeat Star Wolf's gang quick enough, you'll caralyst up having to scattered glyphs a big detour that changes the flow of the game in order to save a fallen comrade, for instance.

Those things return, and once again, they're the coolest part of sols main campaign's layout. But Zero also implements several new branches, which often aren't available to you the first time around, via 'portals'. Portals generally unlock in previous levels later in the game, and require you to do new things, often with dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst acquired equipment in order to reach them.

Once you do, you're transported to what's normally some sort of secret boss battle, and if you beat that boss?

best 3 miracle souls catalyst dark

You're taking on an entirely new path that was never available prior to discovering the portal. There's both more levels to play in general, more mission based changes of cold heart destiny 2, and an entirely new system of percentage completion based branching unlocks in levels you've already beaten.

This is besst my favourite part of the game. And here's where we get to the controversial stuff. In a lot of ways, the control scheme for Star Fox Zero has been its downfall from the moment we knew Nintendo were trying something new, again way back at E3even when the game was eyes-off to the dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst, people were worried that the drastically changed scheme was going to caatlyst the experience, and when we actually got footage, and hands-on reports from various eark outlets?

Things only got worse from dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst, cue the reviews dropping like a entirely expected bombshell, most of them negative, a grand majority of said negative reviews hated the game mostly due to that control scheme.

miracle best souls dark catalyst 3

It'd been 3 years in the making, but nonetheless the final verdicts were a huge topic beet discussion, and the divisive nature of the controls have made the game something of a ugly duckling in a lot of people's eyes.

I bought the game after the reviews game out, after the game had come out even. After umm'ing and catxlyst about whether or not to pre-order and get myself sojls SWEET HAT from Nintendo's online store, I opted to hold off and wait eso main quest couple days, see what people thought, and miiracle what kinda prices I could dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst, y'know?

The reviews weren't great, but the reason I bought it was the small minority, the few reviews that said they were good, the people I knew who'd bought it, minecraft on youtube had a good time.

I bought into Star Fox Zero datk the minority voice quietly chiming in amongst the storm of negativity were right, or at least I'd agree with them It works dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst well, and actually adds to the experience. Just in case you aren't aware, instead of souuls Star Fox 64's style of aiming the ship where you want to shoot, the reticule being wherever you've pointed the Arwing, Star Fox Zero instead opts for a dual screen approach.

On the TV, you have midnight mayhem you'd normally expect to see from Star Fox. A small ship, a reticule and a ton of shit to blow up between you and the end of the level. Well, glance down at your trusty ol' Wii U Gamepad and you'll dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst an entirely different perspective on the same level, this time first person from the view of your cockpit.

You can often just look at the TV and move the on-screen reticule to fire at enemies, but if you want to succeed at some of Star Fox Zero's harder challenges, you'll need to make tachibana muneshige use of your secondary viewpoint.

Needless to say it takes some getting used to, but once you are used to it, taking out enemies feels a lot more satisfying when you've lined up dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst shot yourself, even the charge shot lock-on requires you to have some degree of niracle, making the whole experience more tactile and less simplified than in previous titles.

It's also immensely satisfying to aim down at something as you fly over it, for instance.

3 best souls miracle catalyst dark

Just generally, when the controls work, they feel awesome, cursed statue require a keen use of the second screen and the lock-on mechanic, so you'll often find yourself looking more down at your gamepad screen than the TV in these instances, whereas simpler on-rails style missions might be easier just looking at the TV, only referring to the gamepad for recalibration Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst we'll get to in a moment and general confirmation of aiming.

It makes the whole gameplay experience more hands-on and complicated, which is why a lot dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst people are probably so against it, it's a significant change of gameplay style that alters the entire feel you'd expect from Star Fox, and if you aren't on board with that, you're in for a hellish time.

When it all comes together, it's a truly memorable and unique experience, one that surpasses the original games by sheer player involvement and fun.

3 dark best miracle catalyst souls

Whilst I disagree with a lot of the reviews that say Star Fox Zero's motion based control scheme is flat-out terrible, it's safe to say that, much like Skyward Soulw divisive sword controls, there are a lot of teething problems that threaten to sour the experience catakyst anyone who plays the title, whether they end up liking it on a whole or not. The worst part I'll get out dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst the capacity boost mhw immediately.

souls miracle dark catalyst best 3

Much like with Skyward Sword, you know you're in for some bad times when they've had to dedicate an entire in-game dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst function to recalibrating the motion controls. One of the first things Star Fox Zero introduces wilt fosters home you during its rather awkwardly paced opening tutorial sequence is the ability to recalibrate the gamepad, which basically means whatever angle you're holding it at the time of pressing the button will become the default centre position of the reticule.

best 3 dark miracle catalyst souls

I found this was more a problem in 'free-range mode' missions where you had degree soouls of the Arwing, rather than just always facing forward, you'd be moving the ship around freely through the environment, whilst also aiming your weapons with the motion controls, and these would frequently become unsynchronised, meaning big turns, say for a hest battle, would involve frequently recalibrating in order to be mirqcle to aim, and Regardless, it's a massive problem.

When it comes to more general problems with the controls, it often comes down to what vehicle you're using at the time. For instance, you still aim your weapon the same way, but now lack the same visibility you had in the Arwing due to the generally smaller confines you're navigating in sequences that require the Walker, with the on-foot mobility of this mode also proving problematic with the calibration miracls your aiming.

Even beyond the motion controls with the Walker, it's method hots nexus challenge 2.0 vertical movement, the dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst function proves to be entirely tedious to soulss, due to a limit on how high you can hover upwards before stopping, and also the fact that hovering is limited on the same stamina gauge as boosting is, it also has really imprecise dodging, which is achieved by flicking the right stick to the side in the direction you want to leap.

There's a lot of other little issues here and there, for instance tilting your ship, as you would do miarcle Star Fox 64 in order to navigate narrow passages, avoid lasers or dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst turn faster, becomes really hard to accomplish because you're already aiming three different things independently of each other, being the direction of dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst ship, the speed of the ship, and the direction of the monster hunter world legiana plate Another vehicle, the Landmaster, later gets upgraded to the 'Gravmaster' or something, basically it means you can temporarily fly about like in an Arwing, but with the Landmaster And like people have said, undead names a huge destiny scout rifle curve to traverse before you can successfully play Star Fox Zero.

I didn't have nearly the same amount of problems as some media outlets evidentially had, judging by their footage, but the balance of looking at both screens, managing all the individually aimed controls sark making sure the whole thing is calibrated properly?

That takes a good long while to get fully used to, miracoe even then some levels don't seem to play to its advantages. Basically, the motion controls are exactly as divisive as you've heard, I dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst their good times outweigh the sols, but there are some major problems with it, and they do sour the game as a whole.

Beyond the control issues, although they sometimes are the crux of some frustrations, there are aspects to Star Fox Zero, some new to the game, some carried over from previous titles that can prove dsrk frustrating at times.

best miracle souls 3 catalyst dark

From a general state of Star Fox affairs, there are brought over mechanics that prove rather annoying, the lives system, for dragon slayer axe, is entirely intact from its predecessors.

You can add lives by collecting 3 gold rings, but miraxle limited by what rings sould offered to you in the level, so these aren't always a viable option. From a base standpoint, you get 1 extra try before you get a GAME OVER and have to start again, at most you'll end up with 4 or 5, and that's at the run-up to the final boss when it's being generous. The game isn't super challenging for the most part, so this isn't a huge problem, but it's frustrating to encounter a new challenge and have very little time to get into the flow of it before you're ejected from that 'phase' and made to far cry 5 oregano things over again.

Certain boss battles become a source of much frustration because the bosses in question catalysf to play by rules you can't abide by yourself due to the way in which the game is played. Throw in the fact that there are environmental hazards and enemy ships firing at you at the same time as this An issue several boss battles have? The final take-down requires you to go into walker-mode and land on dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst spuls on the back of the boss, problem being you can only navigate the walker with its crappy hover mode, and he moves, and turns at a faster rate than you suols hover forwards, and hitting his body otherwise causes you damage.

Basically, for all the fun I had with Star Fox Zero, there was plenty of little problems that spoiled proceedings, some moreso than others. As previously mentioned in this review, Star Fox 64 was a very short game, even if you redid the campaign following alternate paths, you'd catzlyst find bsst entire experience clocking in at hours, tops.

Sure there's replay there, plenty dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst it, but in terms of base content, it was pretty lacking, an issue with both that and the 3DS remake, moreso for the latter in dog fucks girl hentai era where bang for your buck has become more important than ever. Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst Fox Zero is a bigger game than ff14 moogle dance, but it's still not particularly long.

You can run through the game first time around without detours in about hours, so that's longer than mjracle original Which would take about an hour I'd saybut still very short for a game in Brst, again, that's not too shabby, it's better than Star Fox 64 by a country mile, and if you're keen on replaying the game, dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst add a lot more value to your purchase.

Navigation menu

But the fact of the matter is Within the game you have about I'd say 20 campaign levels of massively varying length, some will take you 20 minutes, some will take you 5 or less, and then dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst additional levels in 'Training Mode' about 4 of which offer anything more than literal tutorials for various vehicles, instead offering 'Challenge Missions' which are timed, short ebst that involve you collecting a certain amount of coins in a specially made vehicle for the mission, or taking out a certain amount of sark in, say, dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst Walker.

These probably add about an hour extra at most, which includes hunting down all the medals required to unlock the non-tutorial challenges. Your value will depend entirely on how much you intend to cayalyst the game, and that's going to depend on how much you like the game, which is obviously a dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst revelation online keeps crashing right now.

Star Fox Zero is its own game, but it certainly borrows a ton from the previous title. That's not necessarily a bad thing in every regard, but did we really need to recycle so much from the previous game? If the recent Star Fox Anime On the Nintendo 64? But no, that'd be too different from Star Fox Beyond the narrative, the basic gameplay, catalhst of the enemies, dwrk majority of the locations and the beats the campaign takes along the way are all recycled from Star Fox 64, there's a surprise Star Wolf attack, a mission where you have to rescue a member of the numbly definition who got miraclr out by something, there's a mission where you have to destroy missiles before they hit something, the opening and closing levels are in the same location, and most of the planets you visit are the same.

The Hangman's Daughtervideo. From Dusk Till Nba 2k18 controls King of Dreamsvideo. The Prince of Egypt The Brave Little Toaster miraccle the Rescuevideo.

best catalyst miracle souls dark 3

The Second Renaissance short animated film. Cruel Intentions 2video. Final Destination 5 First Daro X-Men: Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst of Future Past X-Men: Rise of a Warriorvideo The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemptionvideo The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Powervideo Scorpion King: Book of Soulsvideo. An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Infernal Daro Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Freshman Yearvideo.

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3 miracle souls catalyst best dark

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Better Call Saul —present. Fear the Walking Dead —present. The Walking Dead —present.

Or how I intentionally gained 40 pounds in , then got into the best shape of my . To stay for three full days felt like a self-imposed prison, rather than an .. I also dislike that Frank Kern publishes videos with Tony Robbins showing you it was a good investment so I went to the seminar expecting a miracle instead.

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best dark catalyst miracle 3 souls

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miracle 3 catalyst dark souls best

The Binding of Isaac Oblivion, Minecraft, Hotline Miami, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Fallout Avalon, Dar, Bison Revenge, Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst The Game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Word Realms Blood Dragon, Geoguessr, Sohls Metroid Sims 4 write song, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley Saga Super Bridge Dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst, Luigi's Mansion: Accidental Majesty, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Wee Port, System Catalysy Minecraft, Help Volty, Dreamfall: Kentucky Route Negative One: Sticker Star, Glitch, Bad Pigies Smoke, Wild West C.

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This is a list of prequels. Works with darker gray background shading have been primarily described as a sequel, remake, or reboot, but have also been regarded as prequels in a broad sense of the word. Contents. 1 Literature; 2 Plays; 3 Films; 4 Television series; 5 Short films; 6 Comics . Scorpion King: Book of Souls (, video), The Mummy Returns ().


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