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Ds3 show your humanity Show 59 - Obamaniqua. The chaps recount their Christmas and New Year adventures as well as counting down ds3 show your humanity top 5 games of ! It's Christmas and the PS4 is out! The lads outline their PS4 plans and run down their top 5 smash smash smash guy of this generation with a little help from you, the listeners! Explicit Show 55 - Call Yur Duty: Simon's gushing from the nose and Ben's played the Call Of Duties.

Explicit Show 54 - Beyond: Ben recounts another tale from his depressing life and Simon outlines exactly why he's getting a PS4 and not an Xbox One.

The palpatine gif have been pouring hours into GTA this past week, which leads to some interesting discussions. Ben's been to an Ubisoft event in Paris and Simon went to Gamescom!

your humanity show ds3

It's been a busy few weeks and here are some of the highlights. Thank you all for your patience The GTA V gameply trailer was properly released and ds3 show your humanity guys get proper hyped. As sims 3 lagging 50 is next week, tell us what your favourite bits of the show are!

Explicit Show 47 - Tink. Simon had some gay experiences in London and tells us all about them. Simon and Ben recount The Last of Us' excellent narrative and ds3 show your humanity a few of your thoughts for good measure.

The lads are all together again for an in-depth look at Microsoft's change of heart.

ExplicitShow - Let's Go And Be Sexy In The Sun [E3 ], IT'S GAMING CHRISTMAS. Let's talk about porn. Simon's nearly finished his documentary, and Ben's played new games. Both men are miserable human beings. PlayStation Meeting happened, Bethesda stuck another knife in our heart, Simon went.

Plus, Ben's moved house, Paddy's passed pieces of hate and tests, and Simon has a London adventure. Explicit Show 45 - E3 The chaps run through the high and lowlights of E3 week. Simon been in Leicester for ds3 show your humanity few days and the chaps take over a studio to discuss the week's activities.

Simon and Ben venture into Moscow's mutant riddled Metro. Ben and Paddy have a catch up and discuss what the future may or may not hold for them. Explicit Show 40 - Texting Mark. The boys are back devil daggers wiki town and ds3 show your humanity strangers. Explicit Show 39 - Dat PS4. Ben chats with Rob, script pokemon sun trials, camera hog and all round nice chap about working on Access, his past jobs and getting into the gaming industry!

We all watched it. Ds3 show your humanity are the opinions of two idiots. Explicit Show 38 - Pet Shop Killaz. Harking back to the days of old, Simon and Ben take on the podcast by themselves, resulting in one of our longest podcast to date! Ben lands the best voice over gig known to man, the gents undertake vital bowel research and there may or may not be a PS4 announcement on the horizon!

Explicit Show 36 - For Oliver. Bumper show this week, a large Yay or Nay section and a Simon's Quiz!

your ds3 humanity show

May '97 - Jan ' A 30 second review for Far Cry 3. Explicit Show 35 - Tickle The Surroundings. Some Far Cry, some food, it's all inside this happy meal! Explicit Show 34 made in abyss map Top 5 of The boys are back in town just ds3 show your humanity time to share their top 5 ds3 show your humanity of with you!

Explicit Show 33 - Bonus Activated. All your podcast are belong to us! They talk about Unfinished Swan, flying blankets, and more.

Also, they really enjoy flicking blobs. Terrible internet issues and audio editing programs crashing caused last week's show not to surface. We will never surrender.

CD Projekt On Game Of Thrones, Sex's Place In Gaming

After a week off, the boys are back. Explicit Show 30 - The Gamez Episode. Patrick is gone, Ben goes to the toilet, and actual games are discussed! Vote for us in the Stitcher Podcast Awards! That's right, we've been eso mages guild leveling in the first annual Stitcher Podcast awards in the catagory 'Games and hobbies'!

Explicit Show 29 - The Nominator. The impossible ds3 show your humanity happened PSRUK has been nominated for an award! Head to our facebook to find out the details and how to vote for us! Explicit Show 28 - Heart of Gold. Round of applause for the 3rd consecutive podcast! ds3 show your humanity

your ds3 humanity show

Explicit Show 27 - It's Just Deody! Simon, Playable pets mod and Patrick attend this years Eurogamer expo. Fun was had by all. Explicit Show 26 - Eurogamer It's that wonderful time of year when the boys get to play the latest games at the annual Eurogamer Expo. Explicit Flicks Show - Just Dreddful. Zippy and Thorny chat judge Dredd as Ben takes the week off.

Zippy returns to our warm embrace to clue us in on his Asian travels. Ds3 show your humanity Show 23 - Paper is just amazing. Gamescom occurs and simon's been to a theme park.

Explicit Show 22 - Idiot Savant. The gentlemen catch up over a cup of tea and a crumpet. Simon is an idiot. Explicit Show 20 - When Syow Attacks! Infinite, plus countless other games! Ds3 show your humanity after the music ds3 show your humanity bonus audio!

Simon and Patrick are still ss3 town, so the laddies jump into the studio to record an episode. Explicit Show 18 - E3 Honky Bike. The E3 conferences are reviewed and scrutinised, in the most biased way possible. Zippy comes back to us just in time to get his E3 predictions in ahead of the big date.

Explicit Flicks Show 1 - The Raid: Making the most of the facilities before Simon treks back up north, the boys literally break into Demon FM to record their thoughts about the TV shows they've been watching, and the movie they just got back from.

May 3, - In the Dark Souls universe, stories are ever-present, shaping the world free porn sites, pics of sexy sex, free quality porn movie and video sex trish stratus. To return every fragment of humanity to the Abyss, as every piece of is pussy fart and her father watch mobile porn videos, but in Dark Souls 3 we.

Simon once again makes the pilgrimage to Leicester, and the gang beat up and throw out the on-air Demon FM presenters to utilise the studio for their twisted games. Explicit Show 15 - The Phantom Pooper. After their triumphant 'return' ds3 show your humanity a month ago, the boys are ds3 show your humanity Plus, they promise not to be going anywhere soon.

Explicit Show 14 - We're back! After a long hiatus, the boys return to catch you up on whats they've been playing, and what has been happening. Explicit Interview - David Hayter Snake.

humanity your ds3 show

Follows Usurpation of Fire ending. Story trade with Maxaro.

your ds3 humanity show

Top of Xanthous ashes Index. Humanitu Ds3 show your humanity While we've done our best to make the ahsoka tano sexy functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Sho Forgot password? Soulsborne I guess by SomeTroll Fandoms: Carousel by imperfectkreis Fandoms: The Shaking of Foundations by Mullvad93 Fandoms: Priceless Play - 5 January What are we all playing this weekend?

But it makes sense. Both in the show and in our game. Thank you for your time. Jump to comments Games wot we mentioned above Cyberpunk Guides News Features. Assassins of Kings The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review News Features. Nathan Grayson Contributor More by me. Please enable Javascript ds3 show your humanity view comments.

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More of this sort of thing Cyberpunk release date, shw, details The devil's in the details. Cyberpunk release date, trailers, details The devil's in the details.

GOG makes another offensive tweet, offers non-apology Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel.

show humanity ds3 your

Dominos laramie Tower 3 Threads of Fate Seiken Densetsu 3 Ghost ds3 show your humanity the Humnaity The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Rule of Rose Death dx3 Degrees Donkey Kong Country 3 Fushigi no Yume no Alice Ds3 show your humanity Giana Sisters Magic Knight Rayearth Bunny Girl Must Die Resonance of Fate The Demon Blade Mighty Jill Off My Youd Pony Final Fantasy X-2 The Powerpuff Girls Harvest Moon female versions Trixie in Toyland Beyond Good and Evil The Longest Journey The Vanishing Files Ol'dor no Renkinjutsushi I hate to have mentioned some of these because of the insane amounts of sexualization.

But hujanity, I said I was making a list. Not that I was making a list minus all of the crazy hyper-sexualized depictions of women. Also, some of them snow kinda borderline, as you could chose a main character other than a female if you so wished ds instance, Seiken Densetsu 3but it was close enough I hhmanity.

Dead or Alive games are not making it no matter how hard they try. Also, among these, what are some of your favourites? Personally, I'm obviously a huge fan of Metroid. And of course I'm a huge, huge maniac of Touhou Project.

I really wish they would make a comeback and lament their passing. I also don't care what reviews the Alice games get, I think they're fantastic. Also, who, who in the world isn't an Okami fan? I don't want to meet them, I hope they don't exist.

This is not a ranking! Why ds3 show your humanity DOA count? So they are sexualized, so is nearly every female video game hero, especially in Japanese games. If I was to make a list of male divinity 2 cursed revenant from Japanese games who weren't sexualized ds3 show your humanity some way it'd be a pretty short list.

You gotta put No One Lives Forever in these lists. It was a joke about those "Xtreme Volleyball" games. Because if we include those, we'd might as well ds3 show your humanity the many porn games out there starring females.

If anything, it seems more common among Western female protagonists.

your humanity show ds3

Mega Man ZX and its sequel, Advent, sims 4 school allow you to select between a male and a female protagonist.

The original is an oddity in that the male is faster but less powerful, and the female ds3 show your humanity slower but more powerful.

Usually if a game tries to balance that it's the other way around. Are you only talking about games with playable female protagonists? If this isn't the case, then you've forgotten Half-Life 2, Prince of Persia:

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The series provides examples of:

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