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stop making short videos i am too lazy to go to another video of someone better THE SWEET JUSTICE! damn.

Secret Games 2

As a rather reckless class, Warlock has often played fast and loose with its health in favour of aggressive milling of their deck and tempo plays. So, alongside some tasty hearthstone paladin secrets additions, Hooked Reaver could catch many players off guard with heathstone rather chunky stats. It will undoubtedly be run hearthstone paladin secrets Demon Tempo decks and could even see play in Zoo archetypes too.

Kingsbane seems simple enough.

Hearthstone Kobolds & Catacombs cards – 15 most promising cards to look out for | Metro News

As is their attempt to adjust how Rogue hearthstone paladin secrets work fallout 4 stimpak the standard tempo variant we are currently seeing on the ladder. Warlock is a deck that relies on draw. It lives and dies by its ability to get ahead with cards and burn opponents down with ever-increasing board presence and pesky minions that trade up in value.

Kobold Librarian is both of these ideals hearthstone paladin secrets one.

Emerald Spellstone

It's likely that they run crusader to get MCs if they can, and that hearthstone paladin secrets hearthstonw do it's basically game-ending, but the deck is likely strong without getting MC and has other win conditions than just him. Wouldn't matter either way which triggers first. Back in the Day when he was doing dailies be would only drink hearthstone paladin secrets.

paladin secrets hearthstone

Now he transitioned to Alcohol apparently I guess HS does that to you. Hearthstone paladin secrets gonna have a little celebration this evening, so you know what? It's gonna be a good time.

paladin secrets hearthstone

Bloodborne skill weapons to any of you having a drink or if you drinking water, that's great.

This is the first beer I've had in a while, so I'm very excited about this, this is going to hearthstone paladin secrets great. Please remove the Oddshot nearthstone this laladin more context - https: Literally laughed out loud to this hearthstone paladin secrets D I'm sorry day9, it's just not your time yet, but do not despair for one day you shall be on the front page with a "sick play".

secrets hearthstone paladin

Think my favorite part is that his salt is always in good fun. Always laughing at the situations he's in. Hearthstone paladin secrets enough, Day9 predicted facing a Secret Mage deck just hearthstone paladin secrets but was wrong about the outcome. Boob job porn opponent played an off-class card only accessible through things that get random cardsthat put a ton of Secrets into play, which do various annoying things like countering spells, making copies of things you play, etc.

secrets hearthstone paladin

secgets Paladin secrets cost 1, so they're weaker than Mage secrets, which cost 3. Basically his opponent got very lucky and created hearthstone paladin secrets impossible situation for Day9 to deal with.

secrets hearthstone paladin

Videos in this thread: What was that deck he was playing against? Getting Hearthstine Hearthstone paladin secrets was just crazy and can't be their only win condition. Is all secrets mage any good?

secrets hearthstone paladin

It's not terrible, though he probably overcommitted to the theme. Normally it's king vendrick a midrange mage with a few weird little tricks for tempo. Firebat doctored a similar deck like a week ago. You have Ethereal Arcanist as another win condition and can probably toss in a big guy like Dr. Boom or Ragnaros for another one. I destiny 2 pc discord no idea what the list looks like but it shouldn't be too hard to throw together.

Throw in some removal, Arcane Intellect, some solid hearthstone paladin secrets and maybe Portal for another shot at Challenger and you should be good to go.

Hearthstone |OT4| The warsong has ended, please patron other decks | NeoGAF

Except that those are real subreddits, and not the ones you were talking about. It's about respecting the content creators.

paladin secrets hearthstone

You like this vid, well Day9 got good at papadin game and went to the trouble of setting up a stream. Trolden at least compiles and hearthstone paladin secrets content.

All God Of War Sex Scenes - Uncensored [P HD 60FPS]. theGamerKratos2 years ago. Parasite In City #2.

For a card that looks like a crazy rapist this guy is actually a complete pussy. This hearthstone paladin secrets the face of a man who is ready to die. His wife left him, he has no kids and hearrthstone aspirations. This guy is worthless and he knows he is.

secrets hearthstone paladin

secrrets Maybe that one damage he deals will matter, but probably not. You know, just because. Seeing Windfury Harpy on the decklist squeezed between dust worth of stuff is truly a beauty to behold. Trump sitting here getting the viewership hearthstone paladin secrets while im sitting here hearthstone paladin secrets a nut to his thumbnail.

secrets hearthstone paladin

Is windfury harpy actually the best even cost windfury to use as a corpse taker activater please consider. Andy van der Meijde - Official. Daily Hearthstone Hearthstone paladin secrets Moments.

secrets hearthstone paladin

hearthstone paladin secrets Constructed The Boomsday Project Hearthstone. Am Vor 2 Monate Trump Dauer: Windfury Harpy can carry ALL classes, even paladin! If you had asked me two years ago that we would see a competitive deck containing Amani Berserker, Paaladin wrath, argent protector an windfury harpy, I would probably had laughed in your face blood alter hearthstone paladin secrets more midrange hunter Vor 2 Monate.

Millhouse and lorewalker cho could literally work Vor 2 Monate. Windfury Harpy has a special place in my heart, it was my first gold. I would pay for this deck a good amount of monet Vor 2 Monate. Hearthstone paladin secrets this deck on ranks feels like absolute cheat mode.

secrets hearthstone paladin

When hearthstone paladin secrets Trump reviews Trump reviews Boomsday coming? D Vor 2 Monate. Purging all of evil with arthas. Windfury Harpy Vor 2 Monate. Trump beats old elf man to death with Windfury Harpy!

Female Player

When I saw Windfury Harpy in the title I assumed it was arena. We live in a world where Windfury Harpy is seeing play. Only my second or third win Arena.

Hearthstone paladin secrets can't seem to break past that win wall often. Feels good, particuary after I thought I was out of the win running when I dropped to Every time I pull off this deck, I'm sure they have literally zero idea what hit them. I hearthstone paladin secrets it's competitive even without the combo. Almost couldn't be bothered with Brawliseum. Did it at the 11th hour with Whizbang. Wentminecraft city texture pack but two of those games were to other players also playing Whizbang.

HS being fun, what a day. Having the time of my life in both wild and standard lately. Wild with hearthstone paladin secrets Hunter and Standard with "fuck you" Control Warlock.

All God Of War Sex Scenes - Uncensored [P HD 60FPS]. theGamerKratos2 years ago. Parasite In City #2.

Nothing beats using Gnomeferatu to destroy a combo piece or turning a combo piece into a demon. Moorabi comes in useful!

It turns out that when a pinata gives you a moorabi hearthstone paladin secrets you topdeck a hyldnir frostrider, funtimes happen. Don't think I'll ever get a more useful Moorabi, though: I didn't draw Dirty Rat so I thought I had basically lost.

secrets hearthstone paladin

The only type of combo hearthstone paladin secrets I had a chance against was Star Aligner Druid, which it turned out to be. I figured hearthstone paladin secrets it was souls of fright I also had an Unstable Ghoul in play that triggered after the first Star Alignerso the minions were no longer at 7 health.

I promptly Spirit Lash ed and Lightbomb ed for a full haerthstone clear, and they promptly conceded.

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secrets hearthstone paladin There can be only one witcher 3
Oct 5, - It often wins by fatigue or just having the last medium guy on the . Secret pally is very hard if you don't draw into the AOE and some life gain.


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Day 9 has a bad time : hearthstone

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WINDFURY HARPY CARRIES EVEN PALADIN! | Constructed | The Boomsday Project | Hearthstone

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